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Does your company have a new game or idea that can take gambling to the next level? If so, we want to hear from you. Before making your idea submission, please consider the following:


Is it gambling or can gambling mechanics be added to existing products?

To be considered gambling, 3 elements must be present:

Stake Do players pay something of value to be eligible to participate?
Reward Do players receive something of value if they win?
Chance Is the outcome based on chance, or a mix of chance and skill?


Is it innovative?

Is the game or experience different from typical gambling game (e.g. slots, poker, and lottery)?

Does the game or experience leverage breakthrough technology (e.g. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, social gaming)?


Does it create business value?

Will the game or experience attract new players or players who occasionally interact with BCLC products, and do so in a profitably sustainable way?

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How we work

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