Vancouver Startup Weekend Hackathon – Gift Fairy

Events, News 01.19.2017

Based on the success of our sponsorship of the Vancouver Startup Week Hackathon, it occurred to the Content Innovation team that we as a team should take part in a Hackathon to relive the experience, but get our hands dirty as well. So, we decided to take the plunge and form a team in the 2016 Vancouver Startup Weekend Hackathon (not to be confused with the Vancouver Startup WEEK hackathon).



The team huddled together over the weekend and focused our efforts on improving the gift buying experience. What we heard from customer intercepts was that buying the right gift takes time and effort. And with only so much time, we put the most effort into buying gifts for those closest to us like our family and good friends. This doesn’t mean that our employees and clients, aren’t important. It’s just that we don’t have the time to personalize these gifts resulting in gift cards or bottles of wine. Out of these insights GiftFairy was born. GiftFairy is a service that ensures your employees and clients feel valued by receiving gifts that are personalized and catered to their interests.

What was really cool is that we actually got customers to buy our service and made several deliveries in the weeks after the hackathon. Even cooler, is that we came in 2nd place and won a bunch of really great prizes that we can utilize to further test and improve the business.