Vancouver Startup Week Hackathon Sponsorship

News 01.19.2017

In September 2016 BCLC headlined the sponsorship of the 2016 Vancouver Startup Week Hackathon, where we challenged more than 200 local innovators to ‘Shake Up Gambling by Creating The Next Innovative Game’. We purposefully kept the challenge broad, but offered up some key insights as guidance. The result of this 48hr challenge was 12 new concepts including the winning game, Goldsmash, a social game which involves 1 player in a virtual reality environment, protecting a pot of gold from oncoming attackers attempting to smash this pot by launching projectiles using their mobile phones. Next step is working in collaboration with these innovators to iterate on their designs and conduct tests with the goal of customer validation.

IMG_0361 Hackathon_Photo

One of the big learnings from this event is that a significant amount of effort is required to collaborate on a new game with a company in its early stages. We believe this approach will produce a diversified pipeline of new games and experiences. That being said, we are always interested in learning about any and all ideas related to our challenge and invite potential partners to reach out via our website.

We are also super proud of the 2 teams from BCLC that took part in the hackathon. They gave up their weekends to collaborate to create new companies. We consider these 10 people from the 2 BCLC teams to be innovation leaders in the organization and we will certainly be leaning on them for future collaboration and to spread the word – both internally and externally – that BCLC is truly making waves when it comes to innovation.