Elements Casino

Events, News 03.29.2017


Content Innovation is working on what we think is some pretty cool stuff.  But if we’re being real, what we think isn’t nearly as important as what our customers think!  Even more important, are the thoughts of the key customer segments we are trying to attract.  So in order to truly understand if our initiatives are hitting the mark, we have to run some pretty intense customer research sessions to understand whether customer like our games, would pay to play our games, and would pay to play them again!

So, on April 1st, we are partnering with Elements Casino to run the Content Innovation Prototype Testing Session.  What makes this really exciting is that our testing session will coincide with Elements Super Smash Bros e-sports tournament.  This is exciting for a number of reasons: (1) Elements is one of the 1st Canadian Casino’s to host e-spots tournaments, and since their inaugural tournament in late 2016, they have been growing in popularity.  In fact, we found out just a couple of weeks ago, that Element’s is expanding their space in order to accommodate more players! (2) The demographics of the tournament players aligns pretty well with our the segments we are trying to attract. We are really excited to see what these players think of Goldsmash and VR Escape.

One last thing, thanks to Julienne Joe on making the introduction that is making this all possible.  This is the type collaboration required for our initiatives to be successful!

We hope to see you on April 1st!

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