About BCLC

We’ve been offering gambling entertainment and contributing to B.C’s future for three decades. Every year BCLC delivers great entertainment for our players and revenue to the Province of B.C. that goes towards supporting communities, health care and education. That’s our idea of playing it right, and playing it forward.

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“Gambling is widely embraced as exceptional entertainment for adults.”

At BCLC, our focus is our players. We demonstrate this through innovation, fostering strategic partnerships, community outreach, encouraging responsible gambling, and creating exceptional entertainment experiences. Add a workforce of people who care passionately about what they do and where they work and you can see why we’re confident in a great future where our mission and promise reflect everything we do.


“To conduct and manage gambling in a socially responsible manner for the benefit of British Columbians.”

The way BCLC conducts itself and does business, matters. As a Crown corporation, we are accountable to the Province and citizens of British Columbia and our actions are subject to B.C.’s Gaming Control Act, under which each employee is registered. Whatever BCLC does, we do in the best interest of the people and the communities of British Columbia.


At BCLC we understand the importance of public confidence in our organization and the people who provide our products and services.

We are focused on building public trust through good corporate citizenship and taking our social responsibilities seriously throughout every part of our business.

Every bit counts. From the fair treatment of our employees, to putting our players first, to honest and trustworthy relationships with service providers across the province, we live our values every day.

It is critical our business is conducted with:

  • Integrity: The games we offer and the ways we conduct business are fair, honest, transparent and trustworthy.
  • Social Responsibility: Everything we do is done with consideration of its impact on and for the people and communities of British Columbia.
  • Respect: We value and respect our players, service providers and each other.

The work we do at BCLC supports health care, education and our communities as a whole. After all, we work for you and the way we conduct ourselves matters.

Responsible Gaming

If you gamble, use your GameSense. GameSense combines responsible play education with information on the risks associated with gambling.

Join our Customer Panel

Would you like to join the panel of customers who help to inform and inspire us at BCLC? As a member of xchange, you’ll be asked to participate in surveys, focus groups, and new concept testing so we can get your feedback to improve your entertainment experiences.

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Content Innovation at BCLC

Our mandate is simple. New customers, new partners, and new games. Our ambition is to research what customers want, what their needs are, and through that research discover how we can bring better service, engagement, and value exchange to the public we provide content to.

With all of the disruption happening throughout digital and day to day interactions, there is no proven recipe or road map for how a business like ours should evolve. Rather, through an earnest effort to ask our public what they’re looking for, and to listen for opportunities customers might not yet themselves realize they have need for, we can Discover new ideas, Design better potential solutions, and Deliver worthwhile content to best satisfy consumer needs.

This is not a process done by any one team within BCLC in isolation. Rather, true innovation is a cross channel, cross functional effort that requires a comprehensive effort to share, to collaborate, and to support new initiatives, ideas, and concepts that might have traditionally seemed outside of many a given wheel house. A creative culture of innovation is spreading like wildfire throughout the many facets of BCLC and already we’re seeing the fruit of that labour personified though new games, partnerships, and sponsorship opportunities out in the community at large.